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Wanted: Our Next Hero

Heroes of New York is looking out for the next hero. The everyday person who goes out of their way to help others, despite their own challenges. Not for profit, only for the greater good of society.

The podcast covers stories of real-life heroes who are rising above the odds to help their neighbors and society during the COVID-19 crisis. In every episode, I introduce a hero who has taken the extraordinary measure to serve others. Through these one on one conversations, I hope to bring a sense of community and reflection to my listeners along with what they can do for society.

If you know someone who is doing a phenomenal job in their community and has a story worth featuring in the show, please nominate them using the form below.

I will be in touch shortly if your answers meet the criteria to be on the podcast.

Hero Submission Form

In  a few words, please describe:*

  • How have you or the person made a difference to society?

  • What is the key message to the audience?  

  • Why do you think this story is important?

Thanks for submitting!

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